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Nothing Out There Is Impossible

6/15/11 at 08:00 am | 7 Comments BLOG by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Rosanna Sardella from Calgary captured a large orb in this photo she took when I was speaking at Hay House’s I Can Do It Conference in Vancouver last March.

Sometimes there are things you can encounter on your spiritual path that may surprise and puzzle you. About a year ago I started to notice that bright circles of light, “orbs,” were showing up in the photos people took of me at speaking events. (For a prominent scientist’s view of the fascinating phenomenon of orbs, check out the work of Klaus and Gundi Heinemann in their book, Orbs: Their Mission and Message of Hope.)

Some of the photos people showed me contained gigantic orbs; others had as many as 20 of these light circles clustered around me on stage. Another photo surfaced of a woman at our Australia event. She had a serious weight problem. I had put my arms around her and was looking into her face, telling her about how she was going to change. The photo showed a huge orb hovering over us. From my talk in Vancouver last spring came photos of me and my daughter Skye with beautiful orbs around us that almost looked like they had faces. At another event in Calgary, orbs appeared in a photo of a girl on stage who had been healed of facial paralysis.

The appearance of these orbs is only one of a number of “things intriguing and bizarre” coming into my experience. The final chapter in my upcoming book Wishes Fulfilled (scheduled to release early next year) is about opening yourself up to all possibilities and realizing that there’s nothing out there that’s impossible. The New Testament says that, with God, all things are possible—that leaves nothing out.

So why are these orbs showing up now? It feels like it has something to do with the message of God-consciousness and the God-realized life that is becoming a stronger focus in my work. God is within all of us; we are all pieces of God, not bodies but spirit. When confronted with miraculous things, a friend advised me to “stop being surprised and just accept them.” But I need to be surprised. The surprise fuels my message. I know you will be surprised by some of the things I write and speak about. You may be experiencing some startling and seemingly miraculous events of your own. Be at peace with surprise. The challenge of a healthy skepticism gives strength to faith and wisdom.

[Editor’s Note: Have you taken photos of Wayne Dyer at a recent event? Do any orbs appear near Wayne in any of these photos? If so, Wayne would love to see them. Please e-mail your photos to editor@healyourlife.com]

2 Responses to “NOTHING OUT THERE IS IMPOSSIBLE Repost from Dr. Wayne Dyer”

  1. Judy Byrwa says:

    I have been taking pictures of orbs since October 2006 when I took pictures at my niece’s wedding and the photos were filled with orbs. I now take pictures of orbs in my house, outside, at weddings, drumming circles and special events. They come in all sizes and colors and may even have faces inside the orbs. Not all orbs are round or spherical in nature. Some orbs can appear solid or streaks. The book Wayne Dyer referred to “Orbs — Their Mission and Messages of Hope,” they refer to those streak orbs as “shaft” orbs.

    After reading this, I went to check my camera of the couple photos I took of Wayne Dyer at a recent convention I attended in May in Toronto, Canada, where he was the keynote speaker on May 13, 2011. I do have a photo of Wayne Dyer with a small orb (about the size of a grapefruit) on his left shoulder. When you magnify the photo, you will notice inside the orb is two smaller orbs or lights. I don’t know how to e-mail it from my camera, but I will figure it out and send it. I also took several other photos that weekend with orbs in them, including one with Reed Tracy, the President of Hay House.

    Two days ago my friend and I were writing an article for her August Spiritual Happenings Newsletter. She and I spoke of Wayne Dyer and what we thought about his keynote speech that evening. We talked about his recent healing through John of God, and we talked about John of God and the photos of him in the Orb book. In the pictures in the book of John of God doing his healings, he has orbs around him, and in one photo he is surrounded by hundreds of orbs and everyone is encased in a white light or fog. I have taken similar photos. I believe these are healing energies that come in, although they are not usually visible to the naked eye. Orbs are very fascinating and I believe more and more people will begin seeing them, feeling them, and taking pictures of them.

  2. Faith Schloemer says:

    My daughter-in-law recently sent some photos of my son and grandson fishing in a beautiful lake in Co. While strolling thru them on my computor I saw a fairly large orb sitting in the mountain side. I had heard Dr Dyer speak of these and I had chills. I think they are angels or spirits of my Dad who loved loved loved to fish. I hope it was my Dad and if it was I pray he is watching over my son and grandson whom he never got to see. My dad passed 30 yrs ago. I dont know if he ever got to fish in such a beautiful spot as they were in but I am sure in heaven there are all kinds of these awesome lakes.

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